We don’t know what to call this.

Today, I have teamed up with the creative genius, Caleb Gray, to bring you the next best thing to fried twinkies. As the semester comes to a close, as well as my undergraduate career, I wanted to bring you” re-fried twinkies” (Caleb).

All of the misnomer power found in the popular mexican dish made of beans has finally made it’s way over to Twinkies. (Also, Caleb.)

What’s your favorite book you’ve read this year?

J: I re-read The Silmarillion by Tolkien. I’ve read it before but this year I used it as a distraction from the stresses of my last semester. It’s really easy to get lost in Tolkien’s lore with this book. The second time through felt as new as the first time. I needed Tolkien’s great storytelling to refresh my soul and bring back memories of reading this on Lake Martin in the summer after my senior year of high school. The Hobbit: AUJ inspired me to re-read it and to prepare for The Hobbit: DoS. Why not read The Hobbit? It’s my least favorite Tolkien book. My favorite part is called the Akallabêth, please read that. I do believe, in the current age, I’m totally a Númenórean.

C: I think the best book I’ve read this year goes to The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. I read it while abroad this summer and it really spoke to me. I finished the book and then I cried in the den (which I shared with like ten people), but it was just so good. The story is absolutely incredible, and his ability to inflict emotion on the reader is unreal. It’s just absolutely beautiful. In addition I was really interested by some of the social commentary he made through the novel dealing with society, religion, healthcare, etc. Reading this book as the white, Protestant, male studying in the healthcare field that I am he brings a lot of interesting topics up.

What’s your favorite thing to cook?

C: That’s tough. That’s really tough. I’ve really been into making breakfast tacos with homemade tortillas recently though. So maybe that.

J: Grilled cheese. If I can get my hands on some awesome bread (sourdough) and different cheeses (gouda or pepperjack) I can create the greatest thing since re-fried twinkies.

What’s the best class you’ve ever taken?

C: The best class I’ve ever taken is probably Adult Health. I’m initially a little misleading in my answer because I didn’t really care for a large portion of the lecture-based aspect of the class. That said, my clinical experience was absolutely incredible. I had a clinical instructor that just really changed the whole game for me. Really made me think about what sort of qualities I want to have as a nurse. She really made the material real for me- made it jump out of the textbook and onto the patient like no one had done previously. It was a really challenging semester, but a lot of lightbulbs came on in my head during that time. I definitely consider that instructor to be a hero of mine.

J: The best class I’ve ever taken would probably be Greek and Roman myth. Kirk Summers (aka Kirkules) made the class very interesting. He was able to make these myths come alive. The greatest thing about it was how Kirk used the telling of myths as a tool to show that people will always need to be connected to one another. Whether it be by passing down a myth or by sharing a meal.

Are you on a band kick right now?

J: Kind of, yes. I recently saw Manchester Orchestra live and have been listening to them nonstop. Even now “Pensacola” is playing from MO’s Simple Math. Mean Everything to Nothing is on repeat in my car. Also, Josh Garrels has made a few cameos in my car playlist lately.

C: Not excessively so. Things that have been speaking to me the most recently have been things that I got into a while back and just sort of recently came back to. Kanye West’s College Dropout, Death Cab for Cutie’s Plans and The Best of Leonard Cohen have been on heavy rotation.

What’s going on in the world right now that you are just in love with? Organizations, pop culture crazes, ideological movements, etc.

C: I am recently obsessed with an organization called the Harry Potter Alliance. They call themselves the “real life Dumbledore’s Army” and fight for various social justice causes (e.g. education, economic and marriage equality). It’s really cool how they parallel themselves to Dumbledore’s Army- the group of students banding and training together to fight against a common enemy. This parallel engages and mobilizes younger people into caring and fighting for things in such an incredible way by connecting these real life ideas via Harry Potter’s world. It’s really cool to see people even younger than us becoming educated on the world around them and acting upon the things they feel burdened by. You can check them out at thehpalliance.org.

J: Honestly, I’m a fan of the discipleship movement. I like what the guys at 3DM and Wayfarer are doing, but I’m in love with just the idea of replicable and sustainable discipleship. I won’t try to be too preachy but it’s the thing has is influencing and consuming most of my life now. I’ve had the great opportunity to see it at it’s finest and see it begin in Tuscaloosa. I think it’s something that everyone should look into. Yes, it won’t look the same to everyone but that’s ok! I think it’s equally important to find a way to make your relationships with people last and make them a model for those that rise up after you’re gone. If you’re interested check out 3DM here. They’ll be the first to tell you that it’s not the only model but I believe they have some great living models.



If you could start your own local public access TV show what would it be about. Your budget is $20/show.

J: Probably a show about how to eat every Chipotle combination ever. EVERY SINGLE ONE and probably how you can eat their chipotle vinaigrette with just about anything. ANYTHING.

C: Mine so would be about how I am actually that guy from Man vs Food and I’m disguised as Caleb Gray from Tuscaloosa because I’m wearing that guy’s skin/ an exact life-like mold of his skin.

We’ve enjoyed doing this. We’ve been wanting to do something like this for a while now. What better time is there than a couple of days before finals? I hope you all have as much fun reading this as we did trying to come up with this! Cheers!


We want to answer questions from you guys so we can be lazy and not come up with them on our own.