What a Fourth!

11am- watched/discussed sermon from Erwin McManus with Dave
1pm- went to the pool with Rhodes, Lords, and Reichleys
5pm- cookout at the Lords’ with half the 3DM team

Yesterday was better than expected.

I’ll admit, I thought it would be hard to connect with the community here in Pawleys. Mainly because I’ve based it off of what I’ve seen.

However, they’re doing something awesome here. From the moment I’ve arrived, I’ve been treated like family and part of the team and it’s felt natural. Even when I ran out of the task they gave me, I never in the way. Instead of “well, looks like you can go home now” I got “please wait here, lets go to lunch!”.

I’m not saying that Tuscaloosa has a lesser community. It doesn’t. It’s the one I’m apart of. But what. Am seeing is that everything is so connected, even for an outsider.

I can’t put my finger on it just yet. I’m not entirely sure why this community in Pawleys Island is so appealing to me. My options now are to replicate it wherever I go or to join it. We’ll see.


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