Reset, rewind.


I’m not new to the blogging world. However, what I have been doing wasn’t really “blogging”. I failed to challenge myself. I produced posts that were shallow and were mostly inspired by split second emotions and by the actions of others. Though I wouldn’t say that all of those posts were bad quality, I just didn’t challenge myself to go deeper. I didn’t go “further up and further in”.


So, “Reset, rewind.” is an appropriate title for this post. I’m going to reset my blogging abilities and rewind my thoughts and emotions that I poured out into the “posts” I had on tumblr and blogspot. Hopefully this will be the beginning of something beautiful. This will be my “I thought long and hard” posting site. Tumblr will still hold my goofy random thoughts but this WP will be the place I post things I have thought over, processed, and prayed about. I will use this for my Word studies and reactions to the words of my mentors and peers in this close community.


Since this is a new blog I guess I’ll explain why I chose “Expecting Kairos” as my blog title. I’ve been fascinated by the word “kairos” for years now. It holds the meaning of both time and weather in Greek but for me it holds a greater meaning. You’ll find the word in Mark 1:15 (Greek translation of course). I love the way Wayfarer camps defined kairos for their 2010 camp theme: “Kairos is about time. Not the tick-tock kind of time we are used to living in. Kairos is the beautiful kind of time where God breaks in and changes everything.”. It’s when God interrupts our time and we begin to change. It’s a beautiful moment. Though there is one GREAT moment, it’s constantly happening. God is constantly interrupting my time to shape me and mold me. I am in process. There are times when I expect it and then times when I don’t. Sometimes it seems inconvenient. I’m in process of constantly trying to expect kairos and it’s sort of expecting the unexpected. I see that as an adventure.


“Where we see time, God sees timing.”


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